Coos County S.T.E.P.

Noble Creek Fish Hatchery

Directions. Written Directions coming soon.

Millicoma Interpretive Center
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Eel Tenmile Creek 
Directions.  Written Directions coming soon.

Hatchery Locations

​Rumreich Morgan Creek Hatchery

1. From Coos Bay follow US-101 S. in LEFT LANE, to just past 7-Eleven on left.
2. Turn slight left onto Newport Ln., which becomes Newport Ave. to go over bridge.
3. Bear left onto 6th Ave., and through Eastside for 0.54 mi.
4. Turn right onto D St., which winds, continuing until it bears slightly right over a tall bridge, becoming the Coos River Hwy. on the river.
5. Proceed for about 2.4 mi., then take a dog-leg left turn, to drive UNDER the Chandler Bridge.  
6. Follow the river for 4 or 5 miles.  On right, just BEFORE the next bridge, find the first Rumreich Morgan Creek Hatchery sign.
7. Turn right onto Daniel’s Creek Road. Proceed for about 1.5 winding miles.
8. Turn left at the second RMC Hatchery sign onto Morgan Creek Road. 
9. Wind for 1.5 mi. on a one-lane, partly unpaved surface to RMC Hatchery. 

Bandon State Hatchery

Directions.  Written Directions coming soon.