Eric Farm

Vice Chair

Dick Johnson


Valerie Pena


Donna Robinson

Legal Advisor

Steven W. Bauder

ODFW Advisor

Antonio Salgado

Bruce Bertrand

Curt Bennett

John Franzen

Reese Bender

Cliff Lance

Bill Lansing

Steve Craig

Armand Pena

John Ward

Scott Starkey

Joe Stoneburg

Tom Rumreich

Harold Wornath

June 7, 2018

Board Of Trustees

Coos County S.T.E.P.

As the fisheries enhancement programs got off the ground during the late 1980s and different entities emerged, the tracking, maintaining, and handling of funding became difficult.  It became apparent that the various local programs needed unified guidance, and a way to centralize monies for collection and distribution as a non-profit organization.  In 1991 a small group of supportive community leaders and representatives from the various STEP groups established the Coos County STEP Commission.  This commission is now composed of nineteen trustees who manage monies, submit grants, and facilitate the distributions to the Southwestern Oregon STEP District programs.

Coos County S.T.E.P. Commission History