Coos County S.T.E.P.

Connect With Morgan Creek

Directions To Morgan Creek
After leaving Coos Bay to the south, you pass through Eastside and enter the South Coos River road.  Stay on the south side of the Coos River and when you cross over the Catching Slough Bridge you will then come to the Chandler Bridge.  Be sure to pass under the Chandler Bridge and continue along the south side of the river until you see the sign for Daniels Creek Road.  Turn right and follow this road until you see a sign for the Morgan Creek road.  Veer to the left and you will soon come to the dirt section of the road that you follow for about a mile.  This will bring you directly into the hatchery area.  Unless there is activity, there is lots of room for parking.  If you have passed the Myrtle Tree boat ramp on the right, you have gone too far.  Return back over the bridge and turn left onto Daniels Creek Road. 

Contact Us

Morgan Creek Fish Hatchery Mailing Address
PO Box 813
Coos Bay OR, 97420
Phone: 541.266.8444

Visit Rumreich Morgan Creek Hatchery

Directions To Rumreich Morgan Creek

You can visit during the daylight hours and often there are caretakers on the site.  They are helpful when they are present.  Most of the activities are seasonal.  For example: 

Feeding Fry and Fingerlings

Takes place from mid-February to mid-June.

Fin-Clipping Fingerlings

Begins about the last week in April until the first week in June.

Salmon Spawning

Returns follow major Fall rains, likely to be in late October and early November, so observers can watch Chinook come up the fish ladder.        


The taking of eggs and milt from the Chinook salmon, occurs the last week in October - November on Wednesdays, with days added depending on need.  After the eggs and milt are taken, they are transported to the ODFW State Hatchery at Bandon.  At this location the eggs and milt are mixed together to fertilize, and placed in incubator trays for hatching.  You can observe and even help with this activity if you follow the eggs and milt to the Bandon Hatchery from Morgan Creek on spawning day.