Coos County S.T.E.P.

Bandon State Hatchery

Directions.  Written Directions coming soon.

Hatchery Locations

​Rumreich Morgan Creek Hatchery
Directions.  After leaving Coos Bay to the south, you pass through Eastside and enter the South Coos River road.  Stay on the south side of the Coos River and when you cross over the Catching Slough Bridge you will then come to the Chandler Bridge.  Be sure to pass under the Chandler Bridge and continue along the south side of the river until you see the sign for Daniels Creek Road.  Turn right and follow this road until you see a sign for the Morgan Creek road.  Veer to the left and you will soon come to the dirt section of the road that you follow for about a mile.  This will bring you directly into the hatchery area.  Unless there is activity, there is lots of room for parking.  If you have passed the Myrtle Tree boat ramp on the right, you have gone too far.  Return back over the bridge and turn left onto Daniels Creek Road. 

Eel Tenmile Creek 
Directions.  Written Directions coming soon.

Noble Creek Fish Hatchery

Directions. Written Directions coming soon.

Millicoma Interpretive Center
Directions.  Written Directions coming soon.