Coos County S.T.E.P.

Coos Basin Salmon Derby Official Rules

An entry fee will be charged for each adult for the 2-day event. The entry fee is $25 online or in advance, $30 at the BBQ or at the boat ramps. Children 11 and under are free with a paying adult but need a salmon tag. Youth 12-17 are free with an ODFW Youth license (required). Tickets must be purchased prior to angling. All anglers must have a valid license and/or tag. Both bank and boat angling are permitted. No refund of entry fees will be made.

Every person in a boat participating in the Derby must have a ticket (including children 11 and under). Every participating boat must prominently display a Derby ribbon which is included in the boat captain's registration packet. Captain's packets may be picked up at the BBQ or one of the boat ramps.

The Derby legal fishing area in the Coos River Basin is from the Empire Boat Ramp to 1) the upper reach of tide water legal boundaries for salmon angling, 2) the upper reach of tide water line on the Millicoma and 3) the tide water line on the Coos River. (See ODFW fishing regulations). Any fish caught outside of the boundaries, or at another time, will be disqualified as will the angler submitting the entry. Any persons who violate official ODFW rules or regulations will be automatically disqualified.

For those not registering in advance, tickets are available at the Kickoff BBQ on Friday evening and at the Eastside and California Street boat ramps starting at 5:00 AM both Saturday and Sunday. Fishing in the Derby begins one hour before sunrise. All fish and contestants must be in line for weigh-in by 6:00 PM, Saturday, and final weigh-in by 3:00 PM on Sunday. Fish to be weighed should be turned in as soon as possible as significant weight loss begins as soon as the fish leaves the water. Any tie will be broken by the earliest ramp weigh-in time!

Derby officials will be at the clearly marked official weigh-in locations. Contestants must take their fish to the officials for identification and weigh-in in order to become eligible for the competition prizes.

The person holding the rod when the fish is landed must be a registered participant in the Derby and is the only person who can enter the fish in the competition for prizes.

Fish may be entered only once at which time a hole will be punched in the gill plate to prevent re-entry. Scale samples may be taken. Derby officials have the right to eviscerate the fish at their discretion. Fish in contention for monetary prizes may be retained for authenticity including inspection by an ODFW biologist and will be tagged with the contestant's name. The decisions of the Derby officials to accept or not accept a fish in the Derby are FINAL.

Protest of any nature must be made in person to a Derby Official at one of the weigh-in stations. All protests will be recorded. If the protest involves the top three prizes, the awards of these may be held until a decision has been made by the Derby Official, which may take two weeks or longer following the Derby. The decisions of the Derby Official and committee will be FINAL in any contested matter.

All photographs taken by Derby judges at the time of weigh-in become the sole property of the Coos Basin Salmon Derby committee.

Children 11 years old or younger or youth 12-17 whose fish is in contention for adult prizes will not be eligible in their age division. A second fish may then be entered in the age division.

Derby winners will be announcecd and prize money awarded at the Derby awards ceremony at The Mill Casino at 4:30 PM on Sunday.